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the loss of someone so young questions as well. cheryl connor join us live from police headquarters do. we know where he got the gun? >> reporter: yeah. i tell you that is one question that police are still trying to track down. what i can say tonight, we now the name of the young victim, tyshon townsend. the shooting was an accident and neighbors say the mother was terrified. detectives swarmed the home in the 3600 block of fern hill avenue after a gun goes off in a 4-year-old boy falls down. >> i heard the gun shot. that is when i heard the woman scream in pain with -- she was really crying, screaming. >> reporter: neighbors say the mom was beside herself as he was taken to the hospital where he died. police say the boy accidentally shot himself in the face. valerie doesn't want to appear on camera but shared memories of the victim and his brother playing with her grandson a few days ago. >> they were playful and happy and having a good time. there wasn't -- they were well mannered. >> reporter: she had never seen the mom and her boys before that. she thinks they were visiting the home
to light the candles they used to spell it out. >> he wasn't bothering anybody. whatever he was doing it was his business, he ain't bother nobody. >> reporter: friends say he would have done anything for them and he had a job lined up for the summer. >> nothing, no trouble, he was always smiling, he ain't never doing in wrong. >> reporter: that's why they come together. another murder on the streets, friends and family said they thought he would diane old man, instead he didn't make it to 18. >> whoever done it the person or the persons have done it was not right. it wasn't right. >> reporter: police have no suspects in the murder and they haven't said why they believe it happened. steven is the 38th murder convict in baltimore city this year. there were 39 this time last year. abc 2news. >> crime is down in baltimore, it's on the decline. county leaders say new numbers show a five-year downward trend. the number of homicides has been cut in half in county. the department credits its gang enforcement unit, and it's workplace violence team. they also say the state's attorney's offic
there is good news about the two from our area who have been stuck in japan. >> reporter: the focus from u.s. officials has spent to -- turned to spent fuel rods. >> hollywood likes to focus in on the melt down. but old fuel actually is more dangerous than the melt down because there's more radiation in an unguarded spent fuel pump. >> reporter: are also saying efforts to cool the -- has failed. american officials fear the pumps may not work even if energy . >>> there is another flight from the state department for u.s. citizens that is scheduled to leave tomorrow. >>> and with japan's growing nuclear crisis i know you know about the -- is used to protect the thyroid gland but the head of johns hopkins warns taking the medicine could lead to serious risks. >>> businesses across our area are now jumping into action to support red cross. here's a look at what some of them are doing. we have conservation energy foundation. they have all given $50,000 along with an employee gift match. -- launched a customer giving campaign in mason have always pledged to help. >>> and stories of survivors like
into your car and drive down the street. he didn't even -- he was just wanting us gone. when we were leaving i could hear the glass shattering and the flames shooting toward my house. >> reporter: and you thought about animals? >> i did as i was rescuing my own thinking of how many were going to be lost. it was totally on fire. >> reporter: some of the other names of the animals that didn't survive, were rascal, chaos and natasha. this was the home of miss mary. she rescues and finds good homes for the animals. >> she does her work to save them. i can't imagine how she feels now. they have lost so many. she is trying to save them and now this horrible thing had to happen and it's terrible. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> the fire appears to be electrical in nature, nobody was hurt. >> happy to say after a chilly day radar quiet tonight, not looking for any precipitation yet but that changes by this time tomorrow evening. temperatures cold, 42 at the inner harbor and the first of two waves of active weather starting to make its move to the east. the first wave not that impressive but the one t
on the ground with more on the way. there is about 250 kids using one boy's bathroom. >> reporter: last year they opened a school a few miles away and construction is set to begin in lutherville. it is the next step in relieving over crowding in the area. >> i know that the principal and teachers have been incredibly creative and i don't think they should have to go jumping through hoops to make it happen for the children. >> here is another idea. all the county's middle schools are under capacity so he asked the school system to find out if it is possible to move 4th grade students into middle school buildings. >> it will be official use of our money and more importantly, we can pull kids out of trailers and put them into the classrooms. >> they wish they would focus on getting their current school up to date. >> i don't want my 4th or 5th graders could be in this setting, it is not an appropriate place to be. >> they are half a foot taller and three years older than you. >> but the county executive said it has been done before. some children were moved and many private schools operate thr
that was used in the shooting. now it's possible that one have the persons of interest that was brought here tonight could be the suspect in the case. it's also possible that the suspect is still out there. if you have any information about the shooting you're asked to call crimestoppers, that number is 1-866-7-lockup. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >>> tonight a baltimore county man is facing 6 decades behind bars after pleading guilty to child porn charges. jock nicholas the fourth was sentenced by a judge. he pleaded guilty to for making videos that show him abusing a 1-year-old girl. they are asking for a 30 to 35 year sentence for her. >>> the man suspected of being the east coast rapist was in a courtroom as his lawyer stood up and entered a not guilty plea. eric thomas is suspected of rapes on 22 women between 1997 and 2009. thomas is a truck driver, lives in new haven. also lived in virginia, and became a suspect based on a tip that he had bragged about the first rape that happened right here in maryland. >>> mark falcon ham died 64 nights ago fighting a fire in hilling dale. he
of sea water on to that crippled plant. this comes hours after nuclear officials said all the waters used to cool those nuke lear rods had dried up. >>> and we learned two other workers at the plant taking turns going in and out of the danger zone to try and buy a little more time. all the way being exposed to deadly levels of radiation. >> they put their lives in their co-workers hands and there's a trust and bond that everybody is absolutely going to do whatever is necessary to combat the situation. >> now officials say 70% of those fuel rods in reactor one are damaged, in reactors two and three, an explosion is believed to damage the containment wall. if the wall fails, it could cause the fuel rods to melt down. >>> within the next few hours a woman from howard county will begin a very long trek home from japan. >> we meet danielle jacob shortly after the earthquake and tsunami hit on friday. she's a student spending her senior year in tokyo on an exchange program. is danielle able to get out any time soon? >> reporter: they think so. even under normal circumstances, it will be tough t
schneider's claim. >> rule of law that applies here is you don't get to use your standards to call my religion infliction of emotional disstress. >> reporter: he said the most painful part is he has to pay court costs to the church, likely in excess of $100,000s. donors have come forward but he know that money will go to help the church do what it does at more military funerals. >> we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in this country with dignity. what is this country becoming? >> reporter: in his opinion john roberts wrote the first amendment protects even hurtful speech on public issues. only one justice sided al schneider. >> and we have two more military funerals to plan. develops story tonight the pentagon says two soldiers have been killed in afghanistan. a 25-year-old and 22-year-old. they both died on monday. they were attacked by enemy forces with an ied and both were assigned to the 63rd explosive ordinance battalion. >> just days after its launch the internet campaign to cache a rapist is sparking leads. it's believed he is behind the attacks on 17 wom
with the latest. >> good evening. there are thousands of americans in japan tonight and while the u.s. state department has seen no reason to evacuate them, the humanitarian catastrophe in that country threatens to worsen over the coming days. the 8.9 magnitude monster earthquake struck japan in the middle of the day. workers remain trapped, residents in their homes. the u.s. pledge to help with supplies and with rescue efforts. >> there's potentially catastrophic disaster. >> thousands may have been killed. tens and thousands are still missing. millions of survivors are without power. many are homeless. highways have been split open, hideously warped. it all started early friday morning, 15 miles below the ocean surface. the earth plates shifted, one lungeing up over the other. by those living by the coast, it meant a 23-foot tsunami. boats and shipping containers broke away. whole buildings collapsed. this oil refinery exploded and power was cut to the nuclear power plant. now in great jeopardy. experts believe the quake knocked out the power to the primary and backup water pumps which c
't stop the officer used his ta section r. that's what police say he picked up a broken top of the jug and continued toward the officer. >> thor officer was backing away the suspect continuing to advance, the officer fired his weapon more than once. >> the suspect was wounded, the officer donald hays will stay on paid leave during the investigation. >> you used to watch him on 106 and park. you knew him as dy megatron. he was shot to death early this morning. his killer came up and fired a single shot. police have no motive or witnesses. police did systeml across youtube videos, nasty messages someone saying he owed them money. he was 32 and the father of three. >> definitely a day of changing weather. early this morning, actually had snow across many parts of the stay including the beach but sun through the day, still chilly air tonight. take a look. radar pictures and put this in motion for you and you can kind of see timeline, that area of snow fall that was here early this morning, just a distant memory now, radar clear but quick check at what it looked like earlier today. down
about all of us have been dealing with the flooding caused by today's rainfall. the bottom line, is the worst over? we go to wyatt everhart. >>> i think the worst is over, we're going to deal with several hours of run-off that has come from the rain. maryland's most powerful radar as we take a look around the area, some decent rain coming down towards annapolis and anne arundel county and northern carroll and baltimore county. heavy rainfall there. but most have the flash flood warnings gone, we have some watches up, flood warnings for rivers and creeks out to the west and along the immediate coastal areas of the chesapeake. look at the amount of rain we have had, more than 3" in most spots, towson, columbia 3.7, coastal floodwaters, the good news the rain showers beginning to taper off, we're still going to have that flood threat persisting for sever several hours into the morning, much more on a drier weekend coming up. >> thanks wyatt. >>> a state of emergency stays in effect because of the potential for more flooding. the high tide is moment away. chris. >> 11:16 for the hig
-old aaron thomas who used to live in barryville virginia. >> we got a tip in the last few days as well as investigative work so we had two things come together that came up with this suspect. >> reporter: thomas was picked up at a home by the marshalls friday afternoon. according to authorities he raped a woman while her 11- month-old was sleeping in the same room in new haven in 2007. more recently he attacked three tricker treaters on halloween. police say he raped two them while behind a shopping center. his dna is linked to 17 attacks including 12 rapes in maryland virginia, rhode island and connecticut. since 1997 police have known his dna but not his name. his dna matches the victims following the attacks. >> as soon as he was identitied things happened fast. >> reporter: the suspect would approach women outside mainly on foot, trying to gain their confidence before he threatened them with a gun or knife. tonight the fear of with when and where he will strike again may be over. >> sure there are cases we don't know exist and it's great to have him off the street. >> reporter: w
. >>> tonight attacks by aggressive dogs, a young girl recovers, you raise your voices at us and expert weighsn. a crowded night here in annapolis. those fighting to hang onto pensions to those fighting to have taxes cut. tonight new images and worries about a nuclear nightmare. the news starts right now. >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> again following breaking news out of japan. the nuclear threat continues to get worse by every passing second. a third explosion and now a 4th is on fire and yes we do have a leak. >>> police said it was two dogs that attacked a girl. now they changed to two american bulldogs. >> what in the name of dogs is going on? cheryl connor lifts off the label to find out the truth. >> reporter: that's right. a vet said pit bulls and american bulls all share common traits. that is their force is unmatched to other breeds so when they attack it's often bad enough to make the news. a woman with two pit bulls said the dogs require a lot of work and often the owners aren't up to the task. they are athletic and often aggressive with a force you can feel behin
and government committee. but, so far, nobody has signed up to speak against it. but you have sent us your thoughts via facebook. here is what carroll wrote in. a çdog çis a companion, so ye if they are trained and outdoors be responsible and respectful. >> yes, dog sits by you, lays down at your feet, maintaining obedience, if not the owner of the establishment should tell you and your pet to get out of here. >>> patrice offered this simple message, no-no no-no, then she managed us on the nose with a newspaper. because that's obedience. >>> all right. the sunshine prevailed today, ç it çwas a gorgeous day, but it was a little bit on the breezy side. the good news is the breeze tied down. we are looking at some dry time ahead though, we're definitely looking at maryland's most powerful radar thad'" we are quiet, you see the sweet zone doing to stay dry. get out there and take advantage of that as well. change is on the way. speaking of the change, check it out, yes, clouds moving in across the area now so we're going to see the crowds clouds as we go through the night time. we'll
there on the swim deck. >>> and what may becoming to us. this weather system could be a that is tee one. abc 2 news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> now, abc 2 news at 11:00. >> and tomorrow is ash wednesday, the beginning of lent, so tonight we ask you what do you want your elected officials to give up for the next 40 days. but, first, here is the news. he was 17 years old, headed for greatness, maybe even the boxing ring and the olympics, who knows, he was that good. >> but early sunday morning ronald gibbs tried to defend his sister and ended up losing his own life. there has been an arrest in this case. >> the victim's father says he is happy with the quick work of the detectives. he has a different opinion of the first officers at the scene. >> reporter: 17-year-old ronald gibbs was a strong student at carver some tech, a champion boxer with the trophies and medals to back it up, he wrote poetry and had dreams of going to college to study fantasy football photography. >> to my son, the most i ever had to say to him was clean his room, all around good kid. >> reporter: he didn't want to appear on
. the porch is filled with balloons, teddy bears and silence. tie shone townsend and his younger brother used to play here. the grandmother shared this picture of him from halloween as she spoke exclusively with abc 2 news. >> he was a peaceful child, gave you respect, you know, go to school. >> reporter: michelle townsend is wrestling with the details of how he died. he found a gun in this home where he often stayed with his 23-year-old mother and brother. did that gun belong to her? >> no. >> reporter: did you know who it belonged to. >> no, because i didn't know anything about a gun. >> reporter: he fund a .32 caliber handgun in the home and shot himself in the face. they are working with the atf to track down who it belongs to and if it has been involved in a crime. the gun was unregistered but a spokesman says it's not necessarily illegal if it stayed in the home for protection. >> this young child found a gun, was playing with the gun, and accidentally tragically shot himself. what we want to know is where did it come from, whose gun is it, how did it end up in his hands. >> reporter: s
us the tooth mark left on her phone. >> on my and the dog mouth and he started to bite it and i loose -- and he bite the february phone. >> reporter: neighbors jumped in. she was believing and left with cuts on both sides of her face. now at the hospitalla amanda mom mom said she will need several surgeries. neighbors have said the dogs have been a nuisance. >> there have been several complaints. my neighbor had to grab her daughter and puller up above her head to keep the dog from coming after her. >> reporter: a sign warns of dogs and you can see the break where they got out. a woman wasn't interested in making a comment. >> you train them to fight other dogs but at the same time they see flesh is flesh. they aren't going to stop just because they aren't going to register the human. >> reporter: amanda's friend is trying to register what happened. >> when i came home i cried. >> reporter: the best news is doctors say she will survive. her mom knows it's going to be a long trip and right now she doesn't want her daughter to face the truth. >> i don't want them to see her at
. >>> the reprocushions of concussions. tonight, we examine the issue with with the ravens and how they are helping us. >>> first, he studies women and knows when they arrive home and lock the doors. >> police so much about the man but after 13 years still can't find the man who rain at least a dozen people. we have sketches of the east coast rapist that's posted from time square to the vw parkway. >> reporter: that's right. police say they know one man is reponsible for a string of rapes up and down the east coast, spanning more than a decade. but despite having the suspect's dna, they're still unable to track him down. so now the hunt is on the catch the so-called east coast rapist--and a multi-state effort is underway to collect tips. cheryl conner talks to one of the case's lead detectives, and gives us an idea of who we're looking for. abc2 news has been working for you over the course of the last few months to talk about the dangers of concussions for athletes of any age. now the maryland state legislature is getting ready to take up the issue of keeping student athletes safe from damaging head
for this family. 2, soon as it's over go to abc2news.com and send us your reaction. one çyear ago tonight çwe wer reporting from cardinal gibbons as they found out their high school was closing. we're back at the school. you probably know why. and kelly swoops steps down with mayor steph answer rawlings-blake. see how good she is at mixing budgets with 2nd grade mast. abc 2 news starts now. >> now abc 2 news at 11:00. >>> the clock has been reset. the 24-hour warning, the nfl labor talks will kin another day at least. but tonight it's all about matthew slattery and he is back home showing signs of progress. >> he his brother and mother were heading home from ohio when they were hit by a truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel. >> his mother, a professor, died in that crash. a story he is still trying to come to grips with. >> hi buddy. >> it's been six months since matthew slattgr2 traumatic brain injury after a tired trucker fell asleep at the wheel and barreled into his family's car on an ohio interstate. >> i'm going to put my coat on. >> reporter: it's move-out day from his around the
- givers in the u.s. that's 37% more than reported over the last 10 years. >> care-givers are still very helpless, they feel very lost and confused. they are looking for support. >> and according to the new statistics from the 2011 alzheimer's disease facts and figures caregivers provide 17 billion hours of unpaid care a year at a cost of about $206 billion. that expense can cause great stress and even greater financial burden. >>> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> a couple showers earlier tonight, now we've got more significant rain moving through the state. a couple of waves of precipitation, one in the baltimore now, second one moving up i-95 down towards the fredericksburg area. again, more and more of these showers pushing through baltimore back up through i-95, bel air and apg. take a closer look here. from glen burnie, i-95, parkville, northeastward, aberdeen, chesapeake city, getting rain right here, pretty heavy downpour towards elkton, more tracking from southwest towards the northeast. look for more rain in
to good to be true. they called us in just a couple weeks. >> reporter: his wife waited. >> you do this surgery, go home and take a nap, which is great and then wake up and your vision starts getting better throughout the next few days. >> reporter: for just a few minutes they are being healed without the burden of a bill. >> it's free for them, all the drops are free, the medication are donated. >> the great thing is everybody wants to help and it's kind of hard to find unique ways of helping but for donating money and -- you know what kind of gift is perfect vision correction? that's amazing. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> for more information onto wounded warrior program we have a link to the organization on the website >>> the insider will soon need a new host. laura spencer is leaving to come back to abc where she first worked more than ten years ago. she will be the lifestyle anchor for good morning america and will contribute to night line as well. she had been the insider co anchor since 2004. >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most ac
you serve with mint jelly, lamb. it went out like a lion. powerful storms south of us, mainly north carolina and virginia. we dodged that but plenty of rain. take a look at the radar, and you can see right now most of the shower activity pushed well east. we are talking about the eastern shore. places like easton with a little light rain. most of it confined to points well south and east of us, cambridge still get something rain. the wide view, again overall the showers pushing out, most of us with a half to two thirds of an inch of rain. no severe weather. temperatures right now cooling off pretty sharply. 37hagerstown, close to 50 down on the eastern shore. the winds picking up, gusting over 30, it'll be breezy the next few hours, we drop down to around 30 by daybreak, a pretty nice looking sunny outlook for the first days of march. we have all that coming up. >> kids at fountain green or north bend elementary. you still don't know for sure what's happening but early indications show many of you will like it. >> that's because a decision supposed to be made tonight wasn't. let's
three charges including criminal sexual contact of a minor. >> it got all of us talking when we found out earlier today so we know this was going to be a hot topic on facebook and a lot of you weighn. look at the comments right here on the facebook page. let's put some of them up right now. sarah wrote in that this is just sing i don't care what his reasons are there is no excuse for rape. i don't care how old and because he admitted it he will probably get a plea deal. jessica, is it just me but where are the parents? travis says wow, that's one of the most disturbing things i have read in a while. the adults did horriblely. this story hits home for paula. come on, that's just wrong and gross. i will take my daughter to learn self-defense and one more, yes, bullying a big thing and we should start to take it more seriously but really? he is 13, this is sick. you know right from wrong when you are 13. they say you know it at 8. he is five-years older than that, he knew what he was doing this is beyond wrong. thank you to everybody who weighed in. if you want to join the discussion on
young athletes. tonight one u.s. state takes drastic action to help take kids safe on the field, the ice, and the diamond. but, first, in a dye investors neighborhood, friends with charles village on the east and they back up against false road? the mayor is gonna visit tomorrow. but this was planned to talk about the walmart moving in. the mood for that meeting is gonna change after a young woman was found stabbed to death in her own home. cheryl. >> it most certainly will. >> reporter: a woman was stabbed multiple times in her home, the police are still searching for the person who killed her. people stand outside along huntington avenue stunned after hearing a woman was found dead inside her home. >> it's very frightening and i've gone to st. charles village for people who have been hurt over there and it's very, very tragic and i'm deeply concerned. >> she was stabbed multiple times. her body was found by her father around 4:30 tuesday afternoon. >> preliminarily, again this just happened within the past hour, but preliminarily we believe this was not a random act. >> reporter: they
. >>> now, abc 2news at 11. >> george marshall was one of us. went to mount saint joe's, started a business that makes our homes look better. >> tonight we lost a good hard working man trying to protect what took him 30 years to build. >> reporter: the family of george marshall is in shock. they showed me the pottery he has made that's been shipped all round the world. part of his business he was out work doing what he loved when a barry turned fatal. >> it was instant. you know -- wasn't cancer or disease. justin assistant. >> reporter: outside a warehouse on holland ferry road two men going about their business heard a noise. in daylight saturday afternoon baltimore police say the men found a suspect they thought was trying to break-in to a truck. 57-year-old george marshall was killed as the man got away. his family is in shock. >> i don't even think he was doing more than yelling at the truck. i heard that when the truck saw him he ran him over. >> reporter: marshall's brother was with him. police say he was dragged during the incident but is expected to survive. >> when
accurate forecast. >>> and who do you see for -- whom do you see? you see us next on abc 2news at 11. >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> and another catholic church vandalized. tonight another arrest for the city police department which has had a string of arrests. >> a veteran police detective abused a girl in his home. >> reporter: in january a police officer was killed in a hail of gun fire that came from other officers. last month you had that scandal where 30 officer was suspended, charged in a towing scandal, now this, it's not what the commissioner waned to talk act today. >> reporter: the detective is a ten year veteran of the department. now he is charged with sexual abuse of a minor and assault in connection with an vicinity that happened here in side his home. >> not very good. two young boyes boys. >> disturbing knowing i have young kids around and they walk back and forth. he is a police officer. >> reporter: the detective said he is a married father of two boys on his myspace page. the victim is a girl living the family. they say the abuse went on from september of last y
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